This page features the links to watch some of the short films/trailers/vignettes Emilio has appeared in over the last several years - in their entirety. Simply click on the title of the film and you will be automatically directed to view it from your device.

SPARE CHANGE - (7:12) COC 2011 Winner-"Best Film"  A streetwise, heartfelt story of hope and change starring Emilio as Charlie, a bitter loner whose interaction with the people he meets on the streets of LA, give him new insight into his own life.

SONNY ART - (14:12) A sweet wispy fairy tale starring Emilio as a caricature artist in the park named Sonny, (and narrator), who's "old school" ways are challenged by Ace, a “digital artist". Through it all, Sonny learns about his portrait subjects, and most importantly, himself. The jazz music score for this film was composed, arranged and performed by Emilio.

WALDO THE MOVIE - (OFFICIAL TRAILER) - (2:28) A hilarious faux movie trailer featuring Emilio as FBI Agent WIlliams who is in a desperate search for Waldo (Alex Goyette), from the iconic children’s book series “Where’s Waldo” - who has become a renegade operative from the bureau.

THE ISSUE - (7:29)  This very funny political satire stars Emilio as diehard General Sands, who has finally reached the day of his "mandatory retirement". Suddenly  an "issue" arrises with the country of Czechsterastan that gives him one last chance to serve his country, in a way he never imagined possible.  (Password protected...password = issue).

CEREAL KILLERS - (2:57) Get your spoons and your bowls ready because General Mills (Emilio), Captain Crunch, Lucky, and Trix Rabbit, team up to take down “The Quaker Oats Guy”, a psychotic health nut bent on global cereal domination. This summer, breakfast fights back!

FedEX TINY OFFICE- (:42) In this over the top humorous demo for FedEX, Emilio stars as "The Boss" of a small business in an office so small that,’ll see!  A very fun way to show how even the smallest of businesses can use some help from the "big boys" at FedEx.

JEWEL THIEF - (7:25) This one is an epic parody/ode to the infamous film “Usual Suspects”.

Detective Dresden (Emilio) is interrogating Samson (Alex Goyette) a supposed witness to the theft of the “Dresden Emerald” who’s long winded explanation leaves both the detective and our audience in a very suspiciously unresolved state.....until we walk back through it in the stunning recap finale.

EXPELLED - (OFFICIAL TRAILER) - (2:27) Felix (Cameron Dallas) is a legendary prankster, who always charms his way out of trouble. However, after his third strike at school, principle Truman (Emilio Palame) has had enough and expels him. Felix devises a plan with his cohorts to get re-enrolled that has Mr. Truman back-peddling for his life, with some very humorous twists. 

ERUDITION - (OFFICAL TRAILER) - (1:04) The perennial battle between heaven and hell, told in the context of a therapy session between Dr. Beherit - (Emilio) who is actually Satan, in a metaphorical tete’ a tete’ with his psychoanalysis patient, Chewy - (Cisco Reyes), to ascertain how the young man’s “friend” - the Arch Angel Michael, may impede Dr. Beherit’s  plans for the end of the world.